The Real Meaning of Being A Family

So on the 7th of June I was travelling to Yanbu I had my new and improved passport, Ii was travelling from Borg El-Arab airport. Why am I telling you this? You’ll know when I finish telling my little story. So apparently when you renew your passport you have to bring your old one along with you, because apparently you have to leave the country with the same passport you came with, well I didn’t know that, and neither did my mom, when we got to the airport, my dad was going through the passports to make sure all of them were there, but my old one was missing, it wasn’t missing my mom just forgot to give it to my dad before we left the house (my mom and dad never trust us to hold our own passports).

Its was 6 and my flight was at 8, there was no way that my mom can go back to Alexandria and come back in time; so what did we do? we called my aunts husband, and we asked him if he can get my passport from our place in Alexandria and bring it to the airport. When we called him it was 6:15, when he was on his way to the airport it was 6:30 and by the time he was at the airport I had two minutes to take my passport and run the check in counter. So for my uncle to get out of his way and drive all the way to the airport from Alexandria (which btw is a 1 hour drive) to bring me my passport is very much appreciated, I wouldn’t even call it that because he did a really great favor for me.

That brings me to why I’m telling you this, this is what family means, family is about making sacrifices for each other, and it’s about helping one another when someone needs it the most. Being called a family is pointless when you don’t know what it means. I know people in my family who would have not helped even if they can. So to whoever is reading this, family is really important, family ties are really important, don’t ruin your family ties because at one point in your life you will want someone to stand next to you when you are most vulnerable.



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